Love of Words


Just Write Creative owes its existence to an all-encompassing love of words. 

What do we love about words?  We love that words are powerful.  A few small paragraphs, cleverly and lovingly put together, can reach people in ways that nothing else can.

We also love seeing how words can help clients and businesses come together.  To the untrained eye, the results from targeted marketing copy and search engine optimized web copy can seem like magic, but we know better.  It's all about using specific words to help your business get more opportunities.



Love of SC


Upstate South Carolina is a beautiful place filled with friendly people.  That's why it's the home of Just Write Creative.

Greenville, SC is a growing city with many opportunities, attracting both large corporations and a thriving population of smaller entrepreneurs.  Whether you prefer restaurants, shops, or specialty services, Greenville has it all.

These conveniences don't come at the cost of scenery, either.  The Appalachian mountains and several gorgeous lakes are nearby, making Greenville, SC an ideal place for us to read, write, and enjoy time with friends.  Don't be surprised if you run into us at your favorite BBQ place.